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If you are a tourist in Ghana, or if you're planning to travel to Ghana, we hope that you will find the following Ghana tourism information helpful in planning your stay.

The country of Ghana is located south of the Sahara, on the west coast of Africa. The country lies about 5 degrees north of the equator with the Greenwich Meridian passing through the country at Tema-The industrial Capital. Ghana shares borders with Togo in the east, Cote d'Ivoire in the west, and Burkina Faso in the north. The south is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and the coastline stretches 539 km from east to west. The country has a total surface area of 238,537 km/sq. By comparison, the surface area of West Germany is 248,577 km/sq.

Ghana's population is approximately 20 million. The nation's capital, Accra, lies on the coast and has a population of approximately 2 million. Languages spoken in Ghana include English, Akan (Twi, Fanti, Kwahu, Akyem, Akuapem), Ewe, Ga, and Mole-Dagomba.

Ghana's position in the West African sub region makes it the number one tourist destination in West Africa as exemplified by the numerous conferences Accra has been hosting this year including UNCTAD XII and the MTN African Cup of Nations.

There are many tourist places in Ghana, and the reasons for the increase in Ghana tourism and travel are numerous; the climate is tropical with warm temperatures year round. Ghana sees just adequate rain during the rainy season, creating an ideal place for outdoor activities. The various regions of Ghana are either warm and dry, or hot and humid, depending on the region, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The south of Ghana experiences two rainy seasons annually (from March to June, and from August to November with January to February dominated by the cold dry hamattan winds from the sahelian region). Further north, the seasons tend to blend into each other.

Ghanaians are known for their hospitality, friendliness, tolerance and patience. Ghana's friendly and hospitable ethnic groups co-habitate without conflicts and practice their different cultural traditions, including festivals, funerals, traditional architecture, crafts, arts, music, and dance. Ghana is also a safe society, where everyone is each other's keeper. Please visit Ghana's tourism site for more information on festivals, etc. There is also an international festival called Panafest, which is a biennial festival promoting Pan Africanism through Arts and Culture that is held every two years in Ghana. Ghana also offers many historic Castles for visitors to explore.

Ghanaian's have a great passion for sports, especially soccer. This was evident in their participation in the 2006 World Cup tournament, hosted in Germany.

Ghana's government is based on sound democratic principles, and believes in the rule of law. For more information on Ghana's government, visit www.cddghana.org.

Ghana also has a vibrant economy, with a growth rate of over 5% per annum. Economic and business information can be found at www.businessghana.com. Ghana's industrial center is in Tema, which is located on the Greenwich Meridian. Ghana's economy is expected to grow about two fold from year 2010 with the recent oil find.

Ghana's tourist industry is said to have a growth rate second only to South Africa and Namibia. Tourism is Ghana's third largest foreign exchange earner after Gold and Cocoa. Ghana boasts five types of tourism products: ecotourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, pleasure tourism and conference/business tourism.

Ghana is definitely worth a visit!

For more Ghana tourism information or Ghana tourist links, please visit our Ghana tourist links page.



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